Parental Resources

Music is an exciting part of human nature and being able to play an instrument is an ambition most people aspire to at some point in their lives. But learning demands dedication and perseverance and it’s all too easy for learners, and children in particular, to lose their initial enthusiasm for an instrument.

However, learning can be a wonderful journey if the player remains inspired, through the music they hear or by listening to a particular musician. And of course, the physical demands of playing an instrument are far less of a challenge if the pupil’s instrument is comfortable to play and well maintained.

The ‘Parent Resource’ pages are provided to assist parents in supporting children who are (or are maybe considering) learning an instrument. The different pages contain useful information about affordable live concerts and events – occasions that can be inspirational and demonstrate ‘music in action’ – and more practical resources such as extra tuition, information on buying instruments and maintenance and repair. They will be continually updated so please remember to revisit occasionally.

External Music Lessons
Family Concert Series
Purchasing an Instrument
Instrument Hire
Instrument Repair